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The Bunny Toss

Please do not feed the bunnies

bunny, bunny, who's got the bunny?
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Hullo hullo, welcome to The Bunny Toss, a place for aliaspiral to toss all her bunnies, until she gets around to writing them out properly.

Friend or whatever, if you really want to. Feel free to comment on bunnies you particularly like, or offer suggestions to make the bunnies fluffier.

Completed stories will be posted here, as well, with a link to the bunny it is from. If the bunny happens to gnaw on you as well, comment with a link.

alia writes in many fandoms. and has the tendency to add more without notice. you have been warned.

Current fandoms:

-Gilmore Girls
-Joan of Arcadia
-Xmen Movieverse
-Harry Potter