Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote in bunnytoss,

Very Chatty Bunnies Named Lorelai

I actually have multiple bunnies for Gilmore Girls fandom...mainly because Lost has eaten my brain and every other fandom has gotten shoved under the rug.

Should i post them all together? hmmm...we will do one at a time. Viva La Spam!

I really really want to write a Lindsey fic.

No really, she might be nothing more than a plot device, designed to irritate me and Deanis, but seriously? The falling apart of a marriage, especially hers and Deans, when shes KNOWS she got married too young, that she can't cook, that she is loosing just too interesting not to go into.

Character study piece, more than a plot driven one. plot? who needs plot?

But what we know..Lindsey and Dean got married right out of high school. Dean WAS going to junior college, and working at Dooce's Market, AND on the construction crew. Lindsey, as far as we know, has no job and isnt going to school. She wants to buy a townhouse. Lindsey cant cook, and her parents spend an unhealthy amount of time over teaching her to cook, or repairing things. TOO MUCH TIME.

Maybe she is scared. Maybe her folks raised her to believe the woman stayed home, so when Dean proposed, she accepted because it was what was done. Maybe she is going to school, and we just dont know it.

i want to KNOW! so im going to make it up. so there!
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