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Lost/Roswell Crossover Bunny

The Roswell/Lost bunnies are multiplying, and there are so many things i wanna do! *flails*

but here, this, is a bunny. if you have comments or suggestions, please give them here. when i write this one, ill ETA a link, and post one as well. if this bunny bites YOU, post a link. bunnies are meant to be shared. *firm nod*

Ok, so, Ava fic.

Roughly, Claire is Ava. Tess, who left in Departure, is also Ava. Confused yet? this will be one where you have to know BOTH fandoms very well, and isnt one im sure i will ever actually get around to writing it...

Lets start over.

Tess went to New York with Max and the Dupes. Something between the time when the Dupes try and drop a safe on Max (pity they missed), Tess blows everyone up, and Ava leaves Roswell, Ava is kidnapped, mindwarped and put in Tess's place. Why? hell if i know, ill worry about that later. In my opinion, Tess wants out, for whatever reason. She, Lonnie and Rath work together. Maybe she is back with Kivar already..or already pregnant? GOT IT! Already had sex and therefore unworthy...or something..

So T'Ava gets knocked up through random series of events (seriously contemplating having it be Kyle's baby, just for fun), gets on the Granolith in Departure...which is when everyone else's mindwarp's start to break down..while ON the Granolith, Ava becomes more lucid, manages to break mindwarp, figure out (sort of, no details) what is going on, and forces the Granolith to crash.

Starcruiser Crash Crash! and poor Ava ia alone, pregnant, and amnesiac. No clue who she is, or that she is a little green around the gills, just that something is wrong, and that her baby is in danger and being chased by somebody evil (Kivar).

Here's were we enter the Lost part of the story.

T'Ava is on the run, changing identities and names, places, etc. She has a NORMAL TERM PREGNANCY, none of this alien 1 month pregnancy crap. She ends up in Australia at around her three month mark, deperate, falls in with Thomas more mindwarping, please...hmmm...gotta work on that. Now calling herself Claire, this would be the important part. In an effort to protect the baby, convinces him it is his. Goes to the psychic, psychic sees bad things, including Kivar and child who could save the universe, whatever...

On plane, plane crash, Kivar still hunting for her, but she is holding onto her impressions of "Claire" because that is who she built and has the most memories around.

Ethen kidnaps, just because he is BAD. he is NOT Kivar, or anything related, just a bad guy. Motivation would be a good thing here...

Anyway, kidnapped. Charlie/the baby is threatened, and Ava does some major alien mojo and kicks some ass without meaning to or doing it on purpose.

Ava now has bits and pieces of memory back, enough to know that baby is important to fate of universe.

Charlie is weirded out, but he has seen weirder, and he is a total sweetheart, so he is supportive. He and T'Laire bond, and discuss options. While stranded on an island. Alone.
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