Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote in bunnytoss,

Constantine Possibilities

1. Angela-Isabel fic. I want to know what Isabel was saying when Angela had her commited. i want to know why THEN. i want to know how Angela and Isabel felt about each other.

2. "You taste like ashes." even when he is no longer a smoker, John Constantine still tastes of nothing but ash and fire.

3. Not the flowers kind of guy. John sends Angela information on a case

4. Angela at Papa Midnights. why? looking for John?

5. the wet shirt scene. and the rubber ducky.

Gotta write these before i lose them! must see Constantine again! three times people! and this time, im taking a notebook.
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Randomly stumbled across this place, and I couldn't resist saying that I adore that icon. <3
thanks! its snatchable, as long as you credit me. i LOVE the Neverending Story, and had to make a few icons. :)