Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote in bunnytoss,

HP Bunnies

These are bunnies i have toyed with, but they havent fleshed out enough to work on them totally yet.

1. Judas fic - why/who did Peter betray? James and Lily defied Voldemort 3 times, which is enough like denial for me...presents a James=Jesus idea, which im not entirely comfortable with, cause i dont think James is the important one. none the less. James KNOWS he will have to die in order to give Harry his chance, he knows Peter will betray and goads him into it.

2. Snape/Lupin fic - and possibly not in a shippy way. Snape hates Lupin, because Lupin didnt have a choice.

3. Five Things Lily Never Said - Goodbye (Petunia), Thank You (Remus), Love (James), No (Sirius), Hail Lord Voldemort (Snape) - still toying with this one a good bit. do i want things that Lily in CANON never wouldve said? or do i want 5 AUs? hmm..
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