M, the Literary Lemming (literarylemming) wrote in bunnytoss,
M, the Literary Lemming

F***ed up fairy tales, LOST style

Copied straight from comments at my LJ:

#1: talking to aliaspiral
We should put together a compendium of fucked up fairy tales using the "Lost" characters as the cast. Sha-Boon (hello, hello again) would of course be Hansel and Gretel. Charlie and Claire are SO Sleeping Beauty to me, though Rapunzel also has a lot of appeal. Jack and Kate... I have no idea how to fuck up Jack, so that'd be hard. LOL! Sawyer? Hmmm... Puss in Boots? But we could call him Dick in Jeans instead. ;)

#2: aliaspiral in response
ooh...yes! yes we should! and trust me, i can fuck up Jack. so not a problem. *contemplatively evil grin*

i see Charlie/Claire as more Repunzal-y, complete with him being hurt *wibble* and her being kidnapped. Jack and Kate can be Jack in the Beanstalk..oh josh, now im recasting "Into the Woods." MAKE IT STOP.

LittleRed=Shannon (HA!)

my brain is insisting on casting the Prince Charmings as Sawyer and Sayid and introduce the competition and arguing and hotness..*shivers in happy*, so Charlie can be the woodsman who rescues her! yay!
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