Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote in bunnytoss,

Gilmorian Bunny

Another Gilmore Girls. The others I have in my head arent quite as fluffy and nicely formed, but ive got to get them down so i dont lose them!

A Whole Week of Monday/Seven Weeks of Mondays:
Luke/Lorelai -ish fic, based on the seven weeks Luke was at the Ren Faire helping Liz and TJ. What do you bet that they talked everyday? Even if only for a few minutes? So, very much a dialogue based fic, which makes me want to run away and hide, but i like the idea. The telephone calls, primarily, with some Liz teasing and things. Cause i like Liz.

But i thought it would be fun if every day had a different reason for Luke to call.

Mondays are gossip sharing day
Tuesday are Complain About TJ Day.
Wednesdays are the day Liz has all of her feminist friends over.

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