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Some wacky AU "Lost" fic ideas

In a time like Conan the Barbarian, there once lived a thief and a virgin...well, a lot of thieves and virgins, but two in particular...
I've got this whole scene planned in my head, where "Charlie's" all cocky and, "So, what's with the local religion 'round here. Sacrifice, huh?" And someone -- some tavern owner -- is all, "Yeah, sacrifice. What of it?" And Charlie's all, "Oh, nothing of it. I don't care what you do, so long as there's something to steal, yadda, yadda." (this is just paraphrasing, of course). And then he sees the priestesses walking their latest sacrifice -- "Claire" -- through the middle of the village, on her way to the altar, and he sort of decides maybe sacrificing ISN'T so great after all. He's instantly smitten. And since he's such a GOOD thief, he's able to whisk her away. She doesn't go willingly, though, because she's been raised to believe in the importance of the sacrifice. Much bonding and angst ensues, etc, etc, a lot of it focusing on the importance of her being a VIRGIN sacrifice. *wink wink, nudge, nudge*

Think Conan the Barbarian as a romance novel. *happy sigh*

Gyah, that would be really, REALLY neat. I love AUs -- they're so much fun!

Through the centuries...
I'm working on another one right now, though, which basically follows the history of "Charlie" and "Claire" through the centuries, beginning in the paleolithic area (I'm thinking around 20,000 years ago) and following them up to WWI or WWII. I'm running on the idea that the souls of "Charlie" and "Claire" are who they are, and that they meet each other each time they're incarnated. Sometimes the outcome is happy, sometimes sad, but they always meet and fall madly in love. *coo* It's a helluva undertaking, though. I've been doing research all afternoon (in addition to watching Conan) on paleolithic religion and life. I don't want it to come off completely inarticulate and devoid of fact. There's going to have to be a bit of shadowboxing, of course, especially in the paleo- and neolithic chapters, but once we get into the eras of history like the Medieval age and the Renaissance, it should take on a much more defined tone.
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