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Constantine Possibilities [24 Mar 2005|10:17am]

1. Angela-Isabel fic. I want to know what Isabel was saying when Angela had her commited. i want to know why THEN. i want to know how Angela and Isabel felt about each other.

2. "You taste like ashes." even when he is no longer a smoker, John Constantine still tastes of nothing but ash and fire.

3. Not the flowers kind of guy. John sends Angela information on a case

4. Angela at Papa Midnights. why? looking for John?

5. the wet shirt scene. and the rubber ducky.

Gotta write these before i lose them! must see Constantine again! three times people! and this time, im taking a notebook.
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HP Bunnies [15 Feb 2005|06:33pm]

These are bunnies i have toyed with, but they havent fleshed out enough to work on them totally yet.

1. Judas fic - why/who did Peter betray? James and Lily defied Voldemort 3 times, which is enough like denial for me...presents a James=Jesus idea, which im not entirely comfortable with, cause i dont think James is the important one. none the less. James KNOWS he will have to die in order to give Harry his chance, he knows Peter will betray and goads him into it.

2. Snape/Lupin fic - and possibly not in a shippy way. Snape hates Lupin, because Lupin didnt have a choice.

3. Five Things Lily Never Said - Goodbye (Petunia), Thank You (Remus), Love (James), No (Sirius), Hail Lord Voldemort (Snape) - still toying with this one a good bit. do i want things that Lily in CANON never wouldve said? or do i want 5 AUs? hmm..
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Some wacky AU "Lost" fic ideas [09 Jan 2005|05:52pm]

Idea #1: In a time like Conan the Barbarian...Collapse )

Idea #2: Through the centuries...Collapse )
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Several MultiFandom Bunnies [06 Jan 2005|09:25pm]

in the line of fucked up fairy tales, just notes until i have more substantial things:

Wendybird fic: Hermione and Peter Pan, with Snape as Hook. Hermione can rescue herself, and she had always wanted to go to Neverland. The Lost Boys still need her, after all..even Draco.

Sleeping Beauty fic: Charlie/Claire. While she is gone, she dreams. She is awoken by the birth of her child, as Beauty is in the original. And her Prince isnt coming, as he has been killed. The Hanged Man haunts her dreams.

Pied Piper fic: Charlie always tried to follow Liam, but there are some places he couldnt go.

Other fic:

Flight of the Navigator fic: what happened when David first disappeared. His family waits by the phone. Set in 1972.

yuletide/New Year's Resolution requests that i might want to work on:

Bulletproof Monk: Jade pov, for dreamiflame. Jade gave up her name a long time ago.

Something E2-ish: Truegirl style. for about 3 people, including me.

Vorkosigan: for learnteach. Taura, without Miles. She knows she is dying. And that it will hurt, when it ends.
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Original idea! [19 Dec 2004|01:56pm]

Must write SOMETHING using the metaphor of bridges versus fords. Something original. Don't know what yet, but it must be written. *nod!*
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F***ed up fairy tales, LOST style [17 Dec 2004|01:05am]

Copied straight from comments at my LJ:

#1: talking to aliaspiral
We should put together a compendium of fucked up fairy tales using the "Lost" characters as the cast. Sha-Boon (hello, hello again) would of course be Hansel and Gretel. Charlie and Claire are SO Sleeping Beauty to me, though Rapunzel also has a lot of appeal. Jack and Kate... I have no idea how to fuck up Jack, so that'd be hard. LOL! Sawyer? Hmmm... Puss in Boots? But we could call him Dick in Jeans instead. ;)

#2: aliaspiral in response
ooh...yes! yes we should! and trust me, i can fuck up Jack. so not a problem. *contemplatively evil grin*

i see Charlie/Claire as more Repunzal-y, complete with him being hurt *wibble* and her being kidnapped. Jack and Kate can be Jack in the Beanstalk..oh josh, now im recasting "Into the Woods." MAKE IT STOP.

LittleRed=Shannon (HA!)

my brain is insisting on casting the Prince Charmings as Sawyer and Sayid and introduce the competition and arguing and hotness..*shivers in happy*, so Charlie can be the woodsman who rescues her! yay!
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Gilmorian Bunny [08 Dec 2004|01:43pm]

Another Gilmore Girls. The others I have in my head arent quite as fluffy and nicely formed, but ive got to get them down so i dont lose them!

A Whole Week of Monday/Seven Weeks of Mondays:
Luke/Lorelai -ish fic, based on the seven weeks Luke was at the Ren Faire helping Liz and TJ. What do you bet that they talked everyday? Even if only for a few minutes? So, very much a dialogue based fic, which makes me want to run away and hide, but i like the idea. The telephone calls, primarily, with some Liz teasing and things. Cause i like Liz.

But i thought it would be fun if every day had a different reason for Luke to call.

Mondays are gossip sharing day
Tuesday are Complain About TJ Day.
Wednesdays are the day Liz has all of her feminist friends over.

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Very Chatty Bunnies Named Lorelai [08 Dec 2004|01:25pm]

I actually have multiple bunnies for Gilmore Girls fandom...mainly because Lost has eaten my brain and every other fandom has gotten shoved under the rug.

Should i post them all together? hmmm...we will do one at a time. Viva La Spam!

I really really want to write a Lindsey fic.

No really, she might be nothing more than a plot device, designed to irritate me and Deanis, but seriously? The falling apart of a marriage, especially hers and Deans, when shes KNOWS she got married too young, that she can't cook, that she is loosing Dean..is just too interesting not to go into.

Character study piece, more than a plot driven one. plot? who needs plot?

But what we know..Lindsey and Dean got married right out of high school. Dean WAS going to junior college, and working at Dooce's Market, AND on the construction crew. Lindsey, as far as we know, has no job and isnt going to school. She wants to buy a townhouse. Lindsey cant cook, and her parents spend an unhealthy amount of time over teaching her to cook, or repairing things. TOO MUCH TIME.

Maybe she is scared. Maybe her folks raised her to believe the woman stayed home, so when Dean proposed, she accepted because it was what was done. Maybe she is going to school, and we just dont know it.

i want to KNOW! so im going to make it up. so there!
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Convoluted Roswell/Lost crossover synop [08 Dec 2004|10:24am]

Taken straight from an AIM transcript

Maybe Tess names her baby Alex in memory of... well, Alex, who ACTUALLY is Danielle's son, who was transported to Roswell through a time/space vortex located in the center of the island, which not only wiped his memory, but gave him FAKE memories to fill the spaces. Now Tess/Claire is pregnant, and she starts to have flashbacks to her former life, and she KNOWS who Alex is. The island is actually an alien sanctuary that was used years ago but which has been abandoned for decades, but they still have cameras, and in her time on Antar, she was filled in on who Alex was and where he'd come from. So she knows who he is, and she knows about Danielle, and Danielle -- crazy savant that she is -- somehow knows that T'Laire knows, and WAMMO! Instant kidnapping plot. So Charlie has to rescue her.

And T'Laire, meanwhile, realizes that with a little bit of tinkering to preserve their memories, the vortex in the center of the island is their ticket OFF the island.
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Lost/Roswell Crossover Bunny [07 Dec 2004|10:00pm]

The Roswell/Lost bunnies are multiplying, and there are so many things i wanna do! *flails*

but here, this, is a bunny. if you have comments or suggestions, please give them here. when i write this one, ill ETA a link, and post one as well. if this bunny bites YOU, post a link. bunnies are meant to be shared. *firm nod*

Ok, so, Ava fic.

Roughly, Claire is Ava. Tess, who left in Departure, is also Ava. Confused yet? this will be one where you have to know BOTH fandoms very well, and isnt one im sure i will ever actually get around to writing it...

Lets start over.

Tess went to New York with Max and the Dupes. Something between the time when the Dupes try and drop a safe on Max (pity they missed), Tess blows everyone up, and Ava leaves Roswell, Ava is kidnapped, mindwarped and put in Tess's place. Why? hell if i know, ill worry about that later. In my opinion, Tess wants out, for whatever reason. She, Lonnie and Rath work together. Maybe she is back with Kivar already..or already pregnant? GOT IT! Already had sex and therefore unworthy...or something..

So T'Ava gets knocked up through random series of events (seriously contemplating having it be Kyle's baby, just for fun), gets on the Granolith in Departure...which is when everyone else's mindwarp's start to break down..while ON the Granolith, Ava becomes more lucid, manages to break mindwarp, figure out (sort of, no details) what is going on, and forces the Granolith to crash.

Starcruiser Crash Crash! and poor Ava ia alone, pregnant, and amnesiac. No clue who she is, or that she is a little green around the gills, just that something is wrong, and that her baby is in danger and being chased by somebody evil (Kivar).

Here's were we enter the Lost part of the story.

T'Ava is on the run, changing identities and names, places, etc. She has a NORMAL TERM PREGNANCY, none of this alien 1 month pregnancy crap. She ends up in Australia at around her three month mark, deperate, falls in with Thomas somehow...no more mindwarping, please...hmmm...gotta work on that. Now calling herself Claire, this would be the important part. In an effort to protect the baby, convinces him it is his. Goes to the psychic, psychic sees bad things, including Kivar and child who could save the universe, whatever...

On plane, plane crash, Kivar still hunting for her, but she is holding onto her impressions of "Claire" because that is who she built and has the most memories around.

Ethen kidnaps, just because he is BAD. he is NOT Kivar, or anything related, just a bad guy. Motivation would be a good thing here...

Anyway, kidnapped. Charlie/the baby is threatened, and Ava does some major alien mojo and kicks some ass without meaning to or doing it on purpose.

Ava now has bits and pieces of memory back, enough to know that baby is important to fate of universe.

Charlie is weirded out, but he has seen weirder, and he is a total sweetheart, so he is supportive. He and T'Laire bond, and discuss options. While stranded on an island. Alone.
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